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Dec 28 2020

Pret a manger jobs

Pret a manger jobs

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Pret a manger jobs


Pret A Manger jobs

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working atmosphere and team leaders behaviours

weekly paid, mystery shopper bonus

you have to do everything what they want

The coffee system, the way they push people

The free food for employees, discount, parties

Be in the kitchen, be at the till, make coffees and food

Communication between manager and staff. Rota review was poor and could change without notifying any staff members

The base salary was good with the prospect of earning a pound bonus per hour. The customers were generally very pleasant as well

It is a general job in a coffee shop restaurant environment. You could be cleaning, stocking, working in the kitchen, serving on till, clearing tables or even making coffee

relation with senior manager and maintaining culture

great when it was a small company, culture was great and how were focus In people

very much hand on in everything, training, service, recruitment, legal, stock taken, finance, planning.

The work/life balance should be greatly improved and the fact that most of the time business is more important than the employee

Other team members and free food on break

Cleaning everything, restocking, serving customers and other things the leader/manager asks to do

The company need to focus and going back to they core people

people i work with in Pret

take full responsibilities of the shop

The work/life balance could be inproved

Good team work Flexible hours High chances to get promoted Friendly atmosphere

Head office managers should spend more time with shop managers

Salary was good and good bonuses

Looking after service, meeting deadlines

Appreciating the human factor. A lot of people who work in Pret are unsatisfied with the attitude of the superiors, the hours to work extra without paying, the big norm to be do every day.

The company has a very good base and have rigorous standards, but it does not have managers able to manage the shops well. That’s why the workforce is constantly moving and people do not stay a long time in this job.

it’s fine I think it depends on where you work and who you work with

Flexible hours , workspace , food

you work a lot and you have to deal with lots of customers.. you can work as Barista, cooking food etc



Pret a manger jobs Pret a manger jobs Pret a manger jobs Pret a manger jobs

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